With the crisp chill of autumn upon us, an evening of sitting around a campfire might sound inviting.  Open fires aren’t allowed in most Arizona towns, but backyard firepits and patio fireplaces are.

Although a gas firepit or fireplace lacks the reality of a true fire, it can still put out a very convincing flame.  However, a gas firepit or fireplace will heat consistently, unlike a wood-burning fire.  Maintenance is minimal compared to all the work that goes into taking care of a wood-burning firepit or patio fireplace.  The convenience of it is what makes it so appealing to many people.  Anybody who enjoys the warmth and ambiance of flickering flames, but doesn’t want the hassle of buying wood and cleaning ashes should consider a gas patio fireplace or backyard firepit.

The landscape designpossibilities are endless for incorporating fire into your backyard landscapeand outdoor living space.  Instead of the metal bowl with last night’s charred remains, imagine a custom, artistically crafted stone structure.  By day, it is a stunning, creative backyard landscape feature.  When lit at night, it surprises, pleases, and warms guests without masking intoxicating garden fragrances.

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