Vendor Testimonials:

“I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the projects we’ve gotten as a result of being at the MC Home Shows, so I’ve attached a few fun images.” Keith, Studio KZ Architecture & Design

“I wanted to thank you for all that you have done to make our home show experience go as smoothly as possible. I was so impressed with how you made yourself so available to us, even though you were overseeing the whole show. Your staff was impressive too. They were friendly and genuinely helpful. Chris was wonderful and went out of his way to arrange television coverage in our booth- that was awesome! Most of all, I am so grateful that you chose my design for the show. It was such a great experience!” -Deb Fahey

“To be honest, you guys put on #1 show of the year. I’m so excited that there are 5 of them! I really trust in you guys on how to make my in person experience even better and if I can get a better and bigger booth location, I’m interested in it.” -David Dolnick, Solar City

“I’m extremely impressed that your team of only 6 pulled were able to pull off such a massive, well organized and overall wonderful show! All of you did such an amazing job! Good Work!” -Steven Gurley, Papa Bear Solar, HVAC & Plumbing

“I believe in the success of your shows and I will always recommend them to clients, no matter where I am!” -Melissa, Rosie on the House

“Thank you all at the Maricopa County Home Show. This was our best show ever. We completely sold out of our entire inventory and that was all done on Friday and Saturday alone.” -Michael Carroll, Tristar Gas Services

“Thank you much for producing a wonderful show recently at Cardinals Stadium and letting us be a part of its success. We are likely to be very interested in resigning for the event next July.” Lifetime Cookware – Andy Jones

“We do Home Shows all over the country. I can with 100% honesty say that no show has brought us more closed deals than the Maricopa Home Shows. I wish everyone brought the type of client that is seriously interested in a home project as you guys. GREAT JOB, keep up the fantastic work and thanks for the awesome business!” SolarCity – David

“The Maricopa County Home Show is by far the best event we attend during the entire year. It helps us generate not only new patients for our offices, but it also generates health awareness to all attendees who stop by our booth and either receive a chair massage or a postural screening from one of our doctors by utilizing technology on an ipad. The attendee can then see exactly how out of alignment their posture really is and have an opportunity to talk with our team about what health related conditions they have been experiencing. If anything, it brings health awareness to the attendee and allows each of them to make a decision if they are ready to get help for their health related issues. With the attendee’s permission, we also call those that were not able to schedule an appointment but received either a chair massage/postural screening and talked to our team about their health issues, just to see how they are feeling.

AFC Physical Medicine Centers (AFC Chiropractic) scheduled 44 new patients at the April show – to come in and get their health related issues looked at and treated. That is 44 people taking their health serious and wanting to make a change and get some relief. And, another 100+ who at least understand their issues more clearly and how they can get some relief/help for themselves.”Joanie – AFC

“Kim we got thousands of dollars in new sales and it keeps coming in…probably upwards of 35 new clients…every week since at least 4 new calls. Hope that helpsd”Dave – Arizona Sliding Door

“All I can say from the staff to the venue to the customers were awsome !!!! you all Rock” Carol Howell

“I just want to share that your shows are great.” Tony Gambino Eco Advantage

“What I booked in the first week out paid for the entire booth! We’re still working appointments, but those are just gravy, and a bonus at this point!” Shanna Tingom

“This show turned out to be amazingly good for us. We had several calls after the show that has resulted in us being booked for work well into August! This is the only form of advertising that we do and thanks to the Maricopa county home shows our business has thrived through a bad economy and it just keeps getting better. Thanks Maricopa county home shows!”
Danny and Kerri
Faux by Kerri G llc

“We got about 140 leads from the April home show. Of those 140 leads 8 turned into sales. Of those 8, three sales were directly related to what we showcased at the April home show. Thank you!”
Garrett Beneker
Lincoln Air LLC

“We have had great results from the April Show. We generated 144 leads at the show. Of those 144 leads we have 51 new customers “
Nicole Eads-Jackson

“I have personally been doing business with the Maricopa County Home Shows for well over a decade now and will continue to… We find the show to be professionally done and the assistance we receive every step of the way has been appreciated. We always receive quality leads at your events and would hate to estimate the 10’s of thousands of dollars of business I have done over the years and more like in the 100’s of thousands of dollars! We very much appreciate the venue and the opportunity to work with you and the great people of Arizona. “
Logo Studio
Travis Young

“We were able to convince 19 people to give us their contact information, but received 7 additional calls within a week after the show. The total sales form the show was 3 pool projects at an average of $45,000.00 each. While the number of leads is less per show, the quality of those leads is a lot better. The individuals we talked to were focused buyers instead of tire kickers, or wishful thinkers. All and all it was a successful show for us!”
Gary Gascoyne
Sales Manager
Tribal Waters

“We gathered a total of 145 leads but more impressively we rocked a Maricopa County Home Show new high in sales (gross) at $91,248!! I am truly excited that all our future shows will stay with this trend! “ Bill Stark, Energy Windows

“The April 2012 show was our first experience ever participating in this event. we had been considering this for two years, but didn’t know if it would really bring in that much work. we were so surprised and thrilled with the results we received. since the show, we have received around 75 calls, resulting in “signed” jobs equaling a 1200% return on our costs of being in the show. we are so completely sold on how valuable this show is, that we have already signed up to be a 5-show vendor. thank you Home & Garden Show!”
Don Irwin, Sr.
Irwin’s Furniture Restoration

“This year we committed to all 5 shows and April’s show resulted in the best numbers yet! We were able to generate more leads than the previous 2 shows (which were both good for us as well) and we now have a backlog that stretches into September! We have generated so much business that we had to hire on another full time employee to help us keep up with everything that is happening! That’s what I call a positive problem and it’s one I’m glad we have! I couldn’t imagine we’d have this much business without the exposure from the show! We got a job because of the show before it even happened!!! We had a prospect go on the show’s website looking for a roofing company and they found us. A week before the show even happened we had a signed contract! Talk about a quick return on investment! We even just picked up the largest residential roof project in our company’s history! It has been an investment that paid off many times over! “ John Roper Vertex Roofing

“The Maricopa Home and Garden Show is the “cream of the crop “! Farm Foods Direct attests that this slogan accurately sums it up. The show far exceeds any other show in Arizona for countless reasons. It is highly organized, abundantly advertised and professionally run with a knowledgeable, amicable and helpful staff. Yet, as all business owners are aware that is chopped liver if it isn’t profitable for their bottom line. This is where the Maricopa Home and Garden show truly blows away the competition. “ Suzanne cowen Farm Foods

“I want to share with you our results. We booked 28 appointments for new swimming pool builds. In addition to this we had numerous inquiries regarding pool remodeling , service and repairs. It is without exception that this show helped our business considerably. One of the most important facts was that these leads were ready to move forward with very few “tire kickers”. We also passed out over 500 pieces of literature and are still reaping calls from these prospects who picked up our information.
All of you at Maricopa County Home Shows are to be commended. GREAT JOB……..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK…. But please do not tell my competitors.”
Les Mathews

“The April Maricopa Country Home Show was our best show yet!  We generated 16 really good quality leads!  As a young entrepreneur, home and garden shows have been the lifeline of my business.  It has been the best way to get my brand out there and make a name for myself in the community.  Not being from Arizona, it has been hard to develop a reputation in a market where I don’t know anybody.  The last show helped us sell 2 solar hot water heaters, a radiant barrier install, 3 solar electric systems, and a few window tint jobs.  And I’m still running some!  The best part about the show was some of the connections I made.  I met new home and business owners that will surely provide some future business.  Overall, it was an extremely good show.  As always.  Thanks!”
Sean McGraw
Affordable Energy Solutions of Arizona

“Hello, Terrific Fountains had one of it’s best shows this year. WE have shown in over 20 shows this year. We had near $10,000 gross sale cash and carry in 3 days. We will return and urge other to do so.” Jim & Nancy Powell

“ As usual, dealing with the MCHS staff was flawless! We saw advertising everywhere and a ton of advertising on TV! Don & I look forward to a long relationship with MCHS’s!!!” MasterTouch Contracting, LLC

“Thanks for one of the best shows in awhile!! Whoo hoo!”Cameo Pools

“Thank you for all your hard work to prepare this wonderful show. Our reps had a great time and were really successful. Thank you for taking care of us so well! Looking forward to the next one!” A International Wines

“Carpet Direct had a good show this past weekend. All of my guys had good things to say about attendance. I will sign up for the next year as well.”Carpet Direct

“Excellent, probably the best results in fours years for us!”The Skylight Guys

“You guys did a good job marketing the show this time. Keep that up!”Arizona blinds

“This was a superb show for us. It appears this show may bring highest sales numbers of any show to date. Thank you!!!”Eco Advantage

“You guys always put on a great show!!!”Dancestarz AZ

“Thank you to all of the employees of the Home Show, we appreciate your hard work and dedication to making our opportunity to be in front of many people positive and profitable, especially with a quality show that is put on each and every event.”Arizona Republic

“You guys do a great job and again we appreciate the amount of marketing you do to drive traffic.”Stone Creek Furniture

“Keep up the good work. You guys do a great job!”Ultimate Concrete Creations

“Just wanted to let you know your team is awesome! You guys are the best promoter to work with!”Backyard Accents

“We are now up to $300,000 in jobs off of the August Show and feel we will close a few more!!!”Classy Closets

“The Show was great! We’ve been in the process of starting this business and this may have been what we needed to really get us going!” Affordable Energy Solutions

“I wanted to tell you how happy we are with your staff and the success of the August Home Show. We can’t thank you enough for the investment you make with your marketing to get folks at the show. It makes a huge difference and sets you apart from any other home show. It’s amazing how many past customers come to our booth to reconnect with us and share their current home remodeling needs. Sure, you have your handful of people just there to buy the incredible mop that’s available, but the majority of people that came in our booth were well qualified prospects with real home remodeling needs.  Plus, the effort we put in our display really pays off. The people who come to the show really appreciate and hunger for new ideas and products that showcase well. They come to the show ready to buy. I am surprised that other home décor businesses  aren’t in line to be in the show…they are missing the boat! Thanks again for your continued support…we love working with you.” Stone Creek Furniture

“Thank you for executing another great home show.  We got some great contacts are excited to see where they lead!”Custom Creative Marble & Granite

“As a self employed business I save myself and clients money by being based at home. I have no store front except when I have a booth at the Maricopa Home and Gardens Shows around the valley. My rep at the Maricopa Home Shows has been great in my booth placement in the shows and helping me with education on marketing myself. They have embrassed technology and are driving every avenue in getting the word out about the shows. The staff pulls long hours and are ever present and hardworking to make sure the show is a success for us. I have tried other forms of advertising such as print ads and web site blasts. In eleven years of business It has been proven to me that there is no better way to get in front of alot of people in a short time as the home shows. Thanks to the staff and friends I have made at the Maricopa Home Shows for helping me in building and keeping my business thriving!”Divine Interiors

“I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you to you and all of your staff. You guys are awesome and always on the ball and do such a great job with the homeshows. When we came into this show we had set a goal of 20 appointments and were determined to work as hard as was needed to get those 20 appointments. Well after 3 days we came in at 56 appointments. Not that is not a typo. 56 appointments set in 3 days was just mind blowing for us! We are happily swamped this week with follow up but just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the homeshow and the opportunity to get our message and product out in front of so many qualified buyers. We actually had people walk up and say, “I want solar on my house can you give me a price?” It doesn’t get much better than that! Again, thanks for all that you do, your professionalism, and most importantly for putting on such a great event. We are already talking about some additions to our booth for the August show! See you then! Thanks!”EMC Builders

“Outstanding for the economy we are in. Thus far, we increased our sales over last year’s show by 67%.”Vapor Professionals

“Without you, I wouldn’t have been in the show, and I certainly wouldn’t have gotten the forty-plus GREAT leads that I’m now following up on!! I already have eight solid appointments scheduled for this week!”Walker Luft and Associates Inc.

“Kudos to you and your staff. Once again you have produced a great show. You get better every time!!”Create It Decor

“The August Show was a GREAT one! Thank you Alaska Events AGAIN!!!! I am a HUGE fan of the MARICOPA COUNTY HOME SHOWS! This venue has kept us in business since August 2009 (when we came back into the home show venue).”Mastertouch Contracting

“We just attended the Summer Home & Garden show and it generated over 170 leads for our company.  It was a very successful show for us and can’t wait until the next Maricopa Home Show.”First Impressions Security Doors

“In short “Awesome Show”. I can tell from the quality of the leads this is really good show. You are the best!” Custom Creative Marble & Granite

“We got over 700 leads. Good show. Good results.”Bell Ford

“The advertising was phenomenal, great job!”Global Protection

“Great Show, thanks for everything.”SRP

“My Show Manager said Saturday and Sunday were “off the hook!” busy.”Unique Home Designs

“Thank you for putting on a great show as usual.”Century Shower Doors

“60 leads and 1st appointment was a sale! Thank you ALL.”Home Resort Living   

“Very Good Show, we did better than this show a year ago.”Salt River Solar and Wind

“I am happy to tell you this was the best show we have had since the first Show at the stadium.”Create It Décor

“Just an FYI, best show of the last 6 we have done!”Synthetic Grass Store

“Just wanted to express all my gratitude for a wonderful show. I was truly amazed at seeing so many people all the time! I was truly impressed, every time I looked down the aisles and saw PEOPLE!”Fountain of Youth

“Great Show, great attendance, great marketing equates to great results! Thank you and the entire team! Great Show. Big Smile.”Complete Home

“The January 2010 Maricopa County Home Show was our best show yet! Our company compiled over 500 quality leads and got great exposure. We can’t wait for the next one!”Tree Pros

“We generated around 150 leads from this show and found consumers very willing to take the time to understand our product.  We have a really good feeling that the leads we gathered will parlay into many sales.”Nuvo H20

“Thank you for your hard work. I am writing to tell you that both the January and March Phoenix Shows you promoted were out of the park hits for my company. The people who came were
1) in huge numbers,
2) eager and kind,
3) quick to buy my product. I look forward to doing business with you for many, many years to come. I truly appreciate the amount of energy that goes into promoting such successful events. I am so grateful to your team for staying vigilant and putting forth the effort.”Lannon’s Leap

“The event was perhaps our best ever at that location. I am sure our booth placement helped, so thank you!”Culligan Water Conditioning

“As far as I can tell for a 3-day show, that was the best show we’ve ever done.”Cutco

“Thank you for a wonderful show at the stadium in Glendale this past weekend.  We had great sales with solid people who were fun to work to.  We stayed busy from opening until closing. Also, we thought everything was well organized for set-up and tear down.  The show was run like a fine, well oiled machine. Looking forward to your August Show.”Deluxe Salsa Maker

“We were very pleased with our sign-ups at the show. Let’s make sure you’ve got us signed up for all the Stadium shows!”Costco